About Home of Tiny

When you look at the world of Tiny Homes on the internet, you’ll find a lot of stuff about ‘RVs’ and ‘zoning laws’ and other American kind of stuff.

And for good reason, the USA and Canada are waaaayy ahead of us in terms of Tiny Homes.

We want to put a stop to that, and celebrate Tiny Homes in the UK.

We want to make all of the content relevant to the GB market and service our tiny house needs on home soil.

So we are building Home of Tiny.

This website was born as a collection of thoughts, research and answers to questions we couldn’t find great information for. It’s the output of a minor obsession for someone travelling in a van and staying in tiny homes overseas.

We intend to build out the website into the only place you need to look if you are interested in anything related to Tiny Homes on UK shores, and we hope you find it useful.

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