Start here for the basics of Tiny homes and Tiny houses. Everything from key concepts to the pro's and cons.

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Types of Tiny homes

There are lots of kinds of Tiny Houses and we know them all, but do you? Check out all of our guides here.

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The ultimate guides to buying a tiny home. Learn everything you need to know about buying new and second hand Tiny Houses.

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Land for Tiny Homes

Having a Tiny House is one thing, knowing where you can put it is another. Find out about Land in this section of Home of Tiny.

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Building a Tiny Home

Want to go it on your own? It's a rewarding route. Take a look at all of our guidance about DIY'ing your own Tiny Home.

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Tiny Home Financing

They're cheaper than traditional homes but still costs money, learn everything you need about Tiny Home and money here.

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The Tiny Team

I’m Si, and after travelling around Europe in a campervan I became obsessed with living in small spaces.

I started to learn everything I could about Tiny Homes and this website started as an attempt to put my notes, answered questions and musings into a usable and useful format.

Now myself, and a small team, are researching and writing about everything Tiny Home in an attempt to make this the only place you will need for a hit of Tiny Home advice, information and entertainment.

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